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Breakfast with eBay Enterprise – Advanced Techniques for User Acquisition
Friday 10 January, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
25 City Road, Londres (View Map)

Have you ever wondered how did eBay Enterprise become so popular and get so many users?

Next Friday (10th January) +100 professionals will find out! Our guest speaker, Sebastian Gutierrez (Senior Product & Partnership Lead at eBay Enterprise) will share his experience on user adquisition..

You won't miss this unique opportunity, will you!?



Every other Friday, hundreds of professionals in the Tech City gather for breakfast at The Bakery, sharing personal experiences and learning sales, marketing and growth strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

Either if you work in a big company or in a startup; if you have recently founded one or are willing to invest; if you feel the potential in you and you know you are an aspiring entrepreneur... this is definitely the place for you.



Sebastian Gutierrez, Senior Product & Partnership Lead at eBay Enterprise

Sebastian finds the intersection of ideas, inspiration & community a compelling experience, that’s why he has been part of the community invited to speak about Crisis & Creativity. His academic background includes a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Management from the London School of Commerce and an MBA from the University of Wales. 

He is a highly skilled & qualified Digital Marketer with experience working for world class organizations, such as The United Nations, Microsoft & eBay Enterprise. He's been a key player in monetizing, optimizing and maximizing digital marketing strategies with an Attribution, cross-channel marketing lens. Sebastian is a Digital marketing Industry speaker, including Keynote at Internet World, Econsultancy Digital Cream, EyeforTravel Summit, eTail, Marketing Week Live.



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Founders Hive is a founder centric advisory boutique for fast growing startups. They help founders avoid rookie mistakes by offering tailored services in areas such as Strategy, Branding, investment sourcing, deal making, and strategic partnerships.

The Bakery

The Bakery is an accelerator and workspace that offers access to markets, client contracts and revenues, working directly with some of the worlds biggest brands and their agencies.

The Hangout

The Hangout is a super cool co-working space, just next to the Old Street Roundabout, that has been specially designed for student entrepreneurs who want to get their idea off the ground.

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London, United Kingdom
January 2014
09:00   to    09:15
Doors open & Registration
09:15   to    09:30
Breakfast Networking
09:30   to    10:00
Guest Speaker: Ebay Enterprise
10:00   to    11:00
Breakfast Networking
25 City Road, Londres (View Map)
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How Ebay forecasts growth | GPTK
Comments (10)

Max Richardson 3 months ago

Looking forward to meeting everyone - save me some breakfast please, I'm a hungry lad. Max

Jose Bort 3 months ago

I'm so looking forward to listening the presentation and, looking all these people Hiring, Looking for job, Investors and lots of CEOs and co-founders, makes me very excited. Looking for meeting you again Max btw

Pickevent 3 months ago

We welcome attendees to ask their questions to Sebastian here. Everyone is welcome!

Kiki Chiu 3 months ago

I am wondering how EBay use big data to acquire new customers or crm.

Afonso Santos 3 months ago

Can we have access to the presentation file? Thanks

Pickevent 3 months ago

Follow Sebastian on Twitter @seguti

Afonso Santos 3 months ago

Ebay invests in Outdoor Advertising, is there any control/metrics on those media? How do you know the ROI? Thanks

Dino Myers-Lamptey 3 months ago

Great presentation Sebastian, one small contribution I'd like to input is regarding Afonso's question on the ROI of Outdoor. To get to an answer there are a couple more analysis methods you would use. Controlled test would be the more affordable method, but less robust than Econometrics, which is the reliable method of getting to an ROI with confidence. I know Seb covered putting tracking codes on posters, though there's a lot that this method won't cover that econometrics will, ie. people seeing a poster not responding straight away, and then some time later searching through google, or using another method. We actually work with Seb's partners at Gumtree, and run Econometrics for them.

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